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How to choose the Men's Wallet?

The men's wallet is an accessory that is not only useful and glamorous, but also necessary to always have money for payments and documents or business cards with you. However, not all types of wallets are suitable for every need. Especially if it is a gift, in fact, it is important to know some habits of the recipient to avoid giving an object that could be used little. Here are some tips for choosing the right men's leather wallet based on the habits and preferences of those who will use it.

Men's wallet and card holder in Campo Marzio leather

Classic leather men's wallet

The genuine leather men's wallet is a must have that adapts to any situation. Practical in everyday life, elegant in work situations and useful in free time. The classic wallet , organized inside with compartments for banknotes, spaces for cards, document flap, pockets for receipts and business cards and coin pocket is the best solution to have everything you need always at hand. The perfect organization of banknotes, documents and credit cards combined with the book closure designed for an optimal organization of your personal effects for everyday life makes it a practical accessory, but without sacrificing style. A more casual version is the zipped wallet. With a modern and compact but roomy design, thanks to the compartment for banknotes, card slots, coin pocket with snap button closure, it is the younger version of the classic wallet.

Classic men's wallet in Campo Marzio leather

Compact wallet for men

It is evident that for a man who does not use bags or backpacks a wallet that is too bulky is not comfortable to carry with him. In the pocket of trousers or jacket, the wallet must have a thickness and weight that is not aesthetically unpleasant because it is immediately visible. Furthermore, a too thick wallet can also risk deforming clothes because, always inserted in the same pockets, it can loosen the fibers of the fabrics. The most suitable men's leather wallet in this case is the one without the pocket with the snap closure to store the coins. But there are also very compact versions of men's leather wallets with a bellows pocket to separate coins, card slots and a banknote pocket.

Compact men's wallet in Campo Marzio leather

Alternative solutions to the wallet: the card holder

The men's genuine leather wallet is not the only solution to always have the essentials with you. In fact, nowadays cash is used less and less and card payments, now often also contactless, represent the present, but above all the future. For those who prefer to pay with more modern methods and have a few banknotes with them, the solution is the leather card holder . The credit card holderit is suitable for those who want to be organized with style because it is practical and small enough to fit even in a shirt pocket. There are also versions with a reduced compartment for banknotes. Furthermore, modern identity documents, as well as the driving license, have the same size and the same size as a credit card and for this reason they can always be carried with you even inside a credit card and document holder . With the window pocket covered with a net, the document is visible and within reach.