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How to choose the right bag for each trip with style?

Functionality and practicality, but also a contemporary and refined style are the characteristics to look for in a travel bag to be always appropriate and fashionable. Each trip has some peculiarities to deal with with different types of bags. If you are looking for a trendy travel bag that combines elegance and comfort, here are some tips on how to choose the most suitable bag for each trip.

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Business trip

Going on a business trip means finding the right balance between practicality and professionalism in what you decide to take with you. For a short trip, capacious shoulder bags that are easier to carry than a handbag may suffice, but they are not recommended if you have to do long distances on foot. A shoulder bag, in fact, is comfortable for walking only when it is not too heavy.
Functionality when traveling for work is essential: you need a bag that can contain not only a change of clothes, but also your laptop, documents and specific accessories. If you are traveling by car it will be sufficient to put clothes and personal effects in a travel bagand, separately, store the accessories dedicated to work in a business bag.

Weekend trip

For a romantic getaway of a few days or a weekend with friends, women's travel bags are the perfect combination of design and capacity, the best way to carry everything you need without sacrificing style. And if you plan to go shopping during the weekend, the solution is to pack foldable travel bags that will be very useful for bringing home all the purchases made during your stay. Placed in the travel bag on departure, they will take up little space, but they will be very useful to avoid making the return journey with uncomfortable and bulky envelopes.

Campo Marzio military green weekend bag

Travel around the world

To tackle a long-term journey or one that touches several consecutive stages, you will certainly need to have many personal effects with you in addition to clothes. Easy-to-carry suitcases, such as trolleys, are ideal for moving from one destination to another, but when you arrive at one of the destinations and leave your suitcase or travel bag at the hotel, exploring will be more simple with the backpack bag .
Practical and comfortable for walking all day both in the city and in the wildest places, the backpack convertible into a bag can be transformed into an elegant accessory that will accompany evenings and dinners, from the most basic to the most romantic ones. In the larger versionit is the right bag to carry everything you need with you and more: documents, food and drinks, maps and tourist guides; in the more compact version it will be useful to have the essentials always at hand without getting too heavy.

Road trip

It is quite another story to face an itinerant journey, in which you move frequently, often from day to day, walk a lot and use different means of transport. For a road trip the ideal is the multipocket backpack : comfortable to carry, not cluttered and does not slow down the journey when you have to travel great distances with your luggage, it is the solution for those who want to experience the adventure of sleeping every night in a different place and explore the most hidden places of each destination. In the smallest version it can be an excellent travel companion, like men's travel bags , to carry everything you need for a day out and about.

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