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Let's begin here.. 


My name is Ruby and I am a fashion student studying on the beautiful Cornish coast in the UK. 

My whole life I have dreamed of becoming a successful businesswoman. Fashion is a part of my everyday existence; it's a way to express everything I see, feel and believe in. 


womens work bag


Owning a piece of Campio Marzio has made me feel nothing less than empowered. The designs are chic, practical and professional - what's not to love?


women's bags for work


I have been carrying my laptop, notebooks, chargers and essentials everyday using the beautiful double-handle document bag in Taupe. 


womens leather work bag
designer work bags


The body of the bag is slim and a delight to carry even when it's full. The quality is true designer-style sturdy and you can bet it will last a very long time while accompanying you on your journey to the top! 


designer bag for travel


Thank you Campio Marzio, for being timeless and invariably inspirational as I work, study and make my footprint in the world of fashion! 

- Ruby xx 

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