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How to organize a small, medium and large bag

Big or small, a woman carries in her bag not only what is necessary, but also everything that makes her feel calm when she is away from home. Make-up for a quick retouch if necessary, a book to pass the time waiting, mobile phone, tablet, power bank, some snacks and so on and so forth.

Mary Poppins, with her bottomless bag, is an amateur by comparison. Those who have children also know very well that the bag is not just a personal accessory: handkerchiefs, wet wipes, small toys useful for every occasion, paper and pen for an impromptu drawing ... in the mothers bag there is really everything. In all this chaos, how do you find what you really need? The really important things, those that must be found quickly and easily, such as keys, wallet or cell phone, are almost lost in this sea of ​​more or less useful objects. Leaving aside the dated purchase receipts that we all forget for a long time at the bottom of our bag, here are some ideas for organizing the bag .

Campo Marzio Organized Tote Bag

Organize a large bag

One of the best ways to keep a large bag tidy is to divide items into small necessities . A make-up bag, a charger case, cables and headphones, a small beauty case to keep the keys together. Very often, in fact, we are forced to carry several sets of keys with us: house keys, car keys, workplace keys or the house keys of a traveling friend who has asked us to water the plant.

How to organize the bag to find them at the right time and above all to avoid the risk of losing them by taking out the other objects? A small dedicated case is the ideal solution. The trick is to use clutches of different colors so that you can recognize the right handbag at the right time at the first time.

Campo Marzio Floral Clutch Bag

Medium-sized bag, how to organize it

How to organize a bag that is neither large nor small? The solution of small bags inside the large bag is not feasible because we would risk creating a shapeless and uncomfortable bundle to carry, where everything is interlocked.

Carrying too many items with you when choosing a medium bag as an accessory is not the right choice because every time you take something out you have to put the items back in order to be able to arrange them all inside the bag. The solution is to choose what is essential, such as keys and wallet for example, and put it in a clutch bag with strap : in this way the rest of the objects will be scattered in the bag, but the essential will always be at hand.
The strap will be very useful for example at work, when you have to leave the workstation only with the essentials, for example for a short coffee break, or on the beach, to take your most precious objects with you when you leave the sun bed or umbrella .

Campo Marzio shoulder bags

What to put in a small bag?

To understand how to organize a small bag , we must first identify what needs we might have during the event in which it will be worn. For a romantic dinner, you probably won't need to carry your entire wallet or car keys, but a small card holder and house keys will suffice; for a business event, on the other hand, a business card holder and a power bank may be required to avoid the risk of having a dead mobile phone. In any case, all bulky objects and all those accessories that, while making us always feel ready, are not essential are banned.