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The pen is the perfect gift to wish success in life

In life, there are some moments that must be celebrated with a gift worthy of the goals achieved.
So why not give a pen as a gift ?

Campo Marzio pens

We are talking about an always welcome present, which stands out for its elegance, usefulness and which obviously becomes a wish for a bright future. An object of great prestige that marks a precise moment in the life of those who receive it, to be preserved with great care.

A timeless classic, of course, but also an excellent alternative to go beyond the usual ideas; or, why not an excellent solution, in case of indecision or in the event that the birthday boy or girl is little known.

Siena Campo Marzio ballpoint pen

But how to choose the most suitable pen to become a welcome gift? Let's start by remembering that there are different types of pens:


  • Ballpoint pens : they are the best known and most used. They have excellent durability, great reliability and do not need too much maintenance.

  • Rollerball pens : very similar to the ball but with a smoother stroke. Here too, excellent durability, full reliability and quick drying of the ink.

  • Fountain pens : the quintessential pen, which has always been synonymous with elegance and high class. A delicate instrument that needs various precautions but which, in any case, remains the queen of pens, a symbol of a past time where writing was given a completely different value.



Graduation pen


The achievement of a bachelor's or master's degree or at the end of a course of further specialization, is the perfect event to reaffirm the elegance of culture. But what to give to graduates? Being a moment that marks the obligatory passage into adulthood, "abandoning" the study to dive into the world of work, the pen could be a suitable thought for all study areas or career prospects, as well as a strong symbol and the wish for a successful career.

The elegance of the gift, with its iconic case, makes it an object of great taste both for those who give it and for those who receive it.

Generally, we tend to give away a fountain pen, even if given its “particularity”, people often prefer to fall back on the classic ballpoint or gel pen. Much depends on the personal taste of the birthday boy or girl, but whichever model you choose, we always talk about a prestigious gift with unquestionable elegance.

Tesi Campo Marzio fountain pen and ink bottle


Giving away a pen is always a good idea


And for all the other special moments of our life? What to give for a confirmation, a communion or a religious celebration? And what gift to celebrate an important milestone such as a retirement or a job promotion?

The pen is always the right gift, designed both for those who love to write by hand and have a certain style in their daily life, and for those who want to rediscover the elegance and authority of a now iconic gesture, a witness of times built on real values. and tangible experiences.

Are you thinking of a particular pen to give as a gift? Do you want to celebrate a milestone or make a moment in someone's life unforgettable? Make the right choice, discover now the wide range of Campo Marzio UK pens .