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Is a colleague, friend or relative about to retire? Celebrating this moment is important, the celebrations cannot be missed. Whether the future retiree is happy or not, work will soon become a pleasant memory and free time will be so much to be able to devote himself to cultivating hobbies often overshadowed or to discover new passions that will light up the days. It is not always easy to choose a retirement gift and sometimes there is a risk of opting for items that are likely to be locked in a drawer and never used. So here are some tips to make this moment special that marks a great change, leaving its mark with a perfect gift for those who receive it.

Campo Marzio Gift Box

Retirement gift for her

If you are looking for gift ideas for a retired woman, the first question you should ask yourself is: do I know the person who will receive my gift well? In case of a gift for your mother's retirement know that the greatest gift you can give her is definitely spending time with her. But if you still want to leave her an object that reminds her of this important moment, give her something that will make her think of you in happy moments. Retirement certainly represents the end of an important life experience, but at the same time it marks the beginning of a new period, a new season to cultivate one's interests, to have experiences that one has always wanted to do, but for which you did not have the time and above all to travel! If your mother, your best friend or colleague who retires is a lover of adventure and travel, there is no doubt: bet on a useful and glamorous gift. There are so many ideas: from the practical passport holder to the soft bag for travel on the road, from the leather tag to be attached to the luggage to write the address or telephone number to the cabin trolley for weekend getaways.

Campo Marzio travel bag

When he retires

A timeless and iconic object, which also brings to mind the work experience, is the fountain pen , a gift with a timeless charm. Classic, colorful, crafted or personalized, the fountain pen is a retirement gift for men that cannot but be appreciated. However, the ballpoint pens should not be underestimated . While not having the same romantic character as a fountain pen, pulling a nice pen out of your pocket, for example to sign a document, always has a great effect. Among the gift ideas for men's retirement, a great classic is the walletor the leather card holder: a useful, simple and refined object that is well suited even when you are not so familiar with the recipient of the gift.

Campo Marzio Fountain Pens

Choose a colleague's retirement gift

When a group of colleagues think about the retirement gift, the game is even easier! Perfect for the colleague who retires is the travel bag, because she will finally be able to use it for a weekend away or to visit the grandchildren who live in another city. The ideal in this case is to opt for the weekend bag , an excellent compromise between elegance and practicality. On the other hand, if you know well the tastes of the colleague about to retire, you can dare by buying a leisure bag. Whether it's a spacious Tote Bag perfect for shopping or a more elegant shoulder bag , the message is only one: it's time to dedicate yourself to yourself. Finally, inotebooks and notebooks to record the adventures and thoughts of the day.