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Business bag: 5 ideas to always stay in style

In the world of work, it has become increasingly common to have to move, bringing with you, in addition to all personal effects, also tools specifically dedicated to the profession, first of all, the laptop.
The business bag, however, does not necessarily have to be anonymous, without character, also because it is an accessory that accompanies most of our days and helps to define our look.
Here are 5 practical and professional business bag models, without having to give up elegance and style.

Celeste Campo Marzio Laptop Bag

Laptop bag

The laptop bag has now taken the place of its known ancestor "twenty-four hours". It is the classic square-shaped bag because it is mainly dedicated to containing the laptop but, thanks to the internal compartments and external pockets, it can become a unique accessory that can replace women's bags .
It usually comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, but can also be carried by hand thanks to the top handle. There are all types: in fabric, leather or imitation leather, black or colored, for men, women or unisex. What is important is to make sure, before purchasing, the correspondence between the size of the laptop and that of the dedicated compartment in the bag.

Bag with shoulder strap

The handbag with the shoulder strap may apparently look like a casual bag, for every day, but in reality it hides some very useful features in a working day. Thanks to the shoulder strap, which is often also removable through the special hooks, this bag is suitable for those who have to travel often for business meetings. It can be carried by hand for an elegant look or cross body for a casual chic look that is best suited to informal even if working situations.

Campo Marzio Leather Work Bag

Tote Bag

Born as a shopping bag, the tote bag is now a glamorous accessory that can well combine with work. This bag model is the most suitable for women who do not want to give up anything when they go to work, not even elegance. The capacity of a shopping bag is combined with the convenience of internal or external compartments, the wide handles are perfect for carrying the bag on the shoulder. The practicality of a business bag accompanied by the modern style of a trendy bag.


If, on the other hand, for your work you have to bring catalogs or printed projects with you, what is right for you is a practical and compact portfolio. It is a folder often made of leather that is used to contain documents and projects that must be accompanied by graphics or images. In addition, it usually has small compartments to store business cards and a handy pen holder. Everything you need at your fingertips and with little space. As big as a notebook, the portfolio is therefore one of the most suitable men's business bags to always carry with you the documents to show to your customers, without having to carry an all-purpose bag or a backpack.

A4 Portfolio in Campo Marzio leather


A women's work bag suitable for those who travel by bicycle or motorbike, or for those who travel long distances on foot, is the one with shoulder straps. The shape is closer to that of a bag and usually the top handle is wider to be able to carry it either with one hand or on the forearm or even on the shoulder. The shoulder straps, however, make the bag convertible into a backpack practical and handy, a versatile and fashionable work accessory. The internal compartments have nothing to envy to the most equipped bags., whether your work requires a formal dress-code or you can afford more casual and diversified outfits depending on the day, with Campo Marzio you have a wide choice of bags and work accessories that you can combine with your clothing and your style, as well as suitable for all tastes and needs.